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Cultural Awareness Teaching Resources

NAFSA’s New Cultural Self-Reflection Tool for Pre-Service Teachers
myCAP is designed to stimulate discussion and learning across four dimensions: understanding the global context; learning about different cultures; knowing ourselves as cultural; and communicating across cultural differences.

Technology Teaching Resources

Desire-To-Learn Information:

  • Instructional Manual for Students

Websites that will Convert Video to MP4:

Websites that will Convert Video to MOV files:

Social Studies/Language Arts:

WEB 2.0 Tools:

  • Glogster -- Online Multimedia Poster, 21st Century Interactive Bulletin Board
  • LiveBinder -- Your 3-Ring Binder on the Web to put all of your stuff into. 
  • Cool Tools for Schools Wiki -- Great source of a wide range of Web 2.0 tools. Animation that can be used for all subject areas:

Other Good Resources:

Presentation Software

Video/Slideshow Software


Google Labs—Always Useful and Interesting

Places for Photos/Images
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Sites to Aid with Collaboration:

  • Students' Collaboration:
  • Classroom Collaboration:
  • Connected Classrooms:

Using Technology with Reading

Read a Book.  Give a Book.  

Teaching Online Resources:

  •  University of Minnesota in Duluth:

Web Design References  

University Teaching Resources: 

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