Educational Leadership


The “typical” student in a master’s degree program in educational leadership is an educator deeply committed to leading schools. While the MED in Educational Leadership no longer (after 2009) leads to clearly renewable leadership certification, it is an excellent preparation for the performance-based leadership educational specialist, and degree candidates have indicated their belief that it makes them more attractive candidates school leadership positions. Additionally, many of our students are in or pursuing leadership positions in independent schools (private or charter) in which an EDS may not be required for leadership.
Yes! The master’s degree in educational leadership is a state-approved program. While it does not lead to clearly renewable leadership certification in Georgia (that certification is now awarded at the EDS level), as a state-approved program, it may, through reciprocity, yield leadership certification in states that award that certification at master’s degree level. If you have questions, please check with the certification office of the state in which you are interested.
The “leadership preservice” is a six (6) credit hour program designed for educators with graduate degrees in a field other than educational leadership, but who wish to enroll in performance-based educational specialist programs. Upon completion of the online “leadership preservice,” these educators are eligible to apply for an EDS program in educational leadership.
Absolutely. At our district partners’ requests, we are now (Spring 2014) allowing classroom educators to enter the performance-based leadership program. They must occupy what their district considers to be a “leadership role” and have adequate release time to complete performance-based activities.
Yes. The residency-based nature of the program allows candidates to demonstrate their mastery of content through authentic, practice-based assignments in their schools.
The Georgia Professional Standards Commission requires all leadership candidates to have a certain level of content knowledge before beginning a residency-based leadership program. Most candidates acquire this knowledge within master’s degree programs in educational leadership. If the candidate does not have a master’s in educational leadership, the PSC requires her or him to complete two (2) designated courses – the preservice – prior to beginning his or her residency-based coursework. The PSC does not require candidates with a master’s degree in educational leadership to complete these courses.