Clinical Experiences, Placements and Partnerships

Student Liability Insurance/Background Checks

All partnership school systems require a clear criminal history and one million dollars of liability insurance before placing a student in a school for a field experience. It is the responsibility of the KSU student to acquire a criminal history clearance and insurance coverage in order to participate in the field experience. 

Student Liability Insurance Options

  • Student Professional Association of Georgia Educator (SPAGE)
    • Click here for
    • Select Membership > Join now > Join as a New Member > Fill out the form [at Function, select College Student] > Select your preference for a college student membership
  • Student Membership in Georgia Association of Educators (GAE)
    • Click here for
    • Select Membership & Administrative Services > Joining the Georgia Association of Educators > Membership forms and Process > Scroll to - Options to join Student GAE [You can print confirmation by clicking on Check My Membership Status on Student enrollment page.]
  • For a step-by-step video, click here.

Background Check Information


Background Check Information:

  • Video instructions on ordering a background check.
  • Castle Branch is the approved source for background checks. Castle Branch provides results in a secure, tamper-proof environment. Once submitted, the student will receive a secure password via email to view and print the results of the check. The results will be available in approximately 3 - 5 business days.
  • The cost will be $38.50 payable by Credit Card, Check or Money Order.
  • When you complete your order, you will be prompted to electronically sign a Georgia statewide release form. Make SURE you do this to complete your order.

Ordering a Background Check:
You need your KSU ID number, social security number and method of payment.

  1. Go to, select Place Order, and enter (KE61) in the package code box.
  2. Select a method of payment: Credit Card, Check or Money Order ($38.50 fee).
  3. Print, sign and  upload all forms before clicking submit. (Disclosure and Authorization Release, Personal Affirmation and Liability Insurance).
  4. Ensure all requirements within the DOCUMENT MANAGER list are complete. *All documents must be submitted correctly before the background check will be in a completed status.*
  5. Check status of background check after it has been submitted.
  6. When background check completed, there will be green check marks next the Background section and the Document Manager section.  

For assistance with background check call: 1(888) 723-4263 or email:


DeKalb County Schools require teacher candidates to be fingerprinted and processed through the DCSD Department of Public Safety. There is an additional cost of the criminal background check is $45.00. Please bring cash or a money order. Checks are not accepted.