Keep up with Bagwell College

The Chancellor of the University System of Georgia
has invited Dr. Vega


The Chancellor of the University System of Georgia provides leadership in higher education and stewardship of state and University System resources by promoting a statewide perspective on higher education. The Chancellor supports the Board of Regents in furthering and achieving its vision for the University System by providing leadership in analyzing, monitoring, and anticipating higher education trends and developments, and by planning strategically for the future of the University System. Chancellor Wrigley has recently convened a committee to envisage what higher education will look like one decade from now. The committee will meet monthly through February and culminate in a report to the Chancellor titled “College 2025.”  The Bagwell College of Education is proud to announce that Dr. Anissa Vega, Associate Professor of Instructional Technology, has been invited to serve on this very important committee. Dr. Vega recently won the 2017 Teaching Excellence Award given by the University System of Georgia, as well as the Outstanding Teaching Award for the Bagwell College of Education! Dr. Vega will be instrumental in developing a future vision for the USG!

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