Clinical Experiences, Placements and Partnerships

Spring 2014 Outstanding Student Teachers


Elementary & Early Childhood Education (EECE) - Ms. Timi Pfiester

Ms. Pfiester's collaborating teacher shared that she is deserving of this award because she already shows the traits of a wonderful teacher. She is hard working, sensitive to the needs of all students and a great collaborator. She uses all resources available to help students get the best education possible. She puts in extra time on afternoons and weekends because she cares about her students and wants them to do their best during the learning journey.

Secondary and Middle Grades Education (SMGE) - Ms. Mary Beth Edwards

Ms. Edward's collaborating teacher shared she has not only assumed the precarious position of middle school teacher with ease, she has pushed me to be a better teacher through her constant search for better ways to serve our students and their needs. Ms. Edwards has exhibited a passion for learning and an understanding that being a successful teacher stretches beyond the students in her classroom to relationships with community members and multiple stakeholders.

P-12 Health Promotion and Physical Education (HPE) - Ms. Anslie Hill

Ms. Hill's collaborating teacher shared she analyzes, reflects and applies new procedures and ideas to keep her classes fresh and exciting. Ms. Hill is very motivated to learn new things and takes constructive criticism well as she is always looking for a way to become a stronger teacher.

MAT - Physics - Dr. Eden Hunt

Dr. Hunt's collaborating teacher shared her level of professionalism, dedication, creativity and knowledge base are second to none for a student teacher. She has gone above and beyond with regards to time invested, activities created and extracurricular involvement. She is a positive role model for all students interested in pursuing post-secondary options in physical sciences, but especially for female students who may not feel as if they belong in that arena.

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