Clinical Experiences, Placements and Partnerships

Spring 2014 Outstanding Collaborating Teacher


Ms. Joni Adams, First grade teacher at Tritt Elementary School in Cobb County

Her student teacher shared Ms. Adams is a true professional. She treats me as an equal and empowers me to have authority in the classroom. Ms. Adams teaches with confidence and a big part of that comes from being prepared.  She plans lessons with rigor and differentiates based on students' needs and learning styles. Ms. Adams stays current and finds new ways to keep students engaged such as, using Ipads and QR codes to make lessons interesting.

Ms. Adams is a leader and other teachers respect and look to her for guidance. She is confident enough to welcome new ideas and always makes me feel like I have an important role in the classroom. She respects each child and in return receives respect back from her students. She creates an environment where students feel safe, valued and loved.

Ms. Adams has been an excellent role model and mentor and has given me the tools and experience to become a successful teacher. I hope many other student teachers have the opportunity to work with Ms. Adams in the future.


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