Bagwell College of Education

Retention in Teacher Education

Once admitted to Teacher Education, candidates will need to maintain a 2.75 GPA and meet all professional and dispositional requirements for remaining in the program. Candidates should familiarize themselves with retention policies on this website.

Admission to Yearlong Clinical Experience

Yearlong Clinical Experience (YCE)/Student Teaching normally is the last requirement completed in teacher education programs. Since student teaching and YCE are based in the field, academic and professional commitment are required of the teacher candidate.

Completion to Yearlong Clinical Experience

Candidates demonstrate their achievement of the intended outcomes of YCE/Student Teaching through successful completion

Early Release from YCE II

Teacher Candidates cannot be released from YCE II more than seven days prior to the last scheduled day of YCE to begin employment without comprising standards or state regulations. Early release is granted on a case-by-case basis, depending on a candidate’s readiness to teach. KSU reports to the GaPSC that all candidates completing Teacher Education programs have had a full yearlong clinical experience.

Removal from a Field or Clinical Experience

The appropriate school authority states that the teacher candidate’s presence in the classroom is not in the best interest of the public school’s students and/or requests that the teacher candidate be removed

Removal from Teacher Education

Responsible, professional behavior is not exhibited in all classes, field/clinical experiences and interactions with peers and faculty, as judged by the program faculty and/or collaborating teachers and school personnel.

Withdrawals or Removal from Field Experiences

This site contains policies and procedures of the teacher education programs of the KSU EPP and serves as their official publication. As such, the EPP will adhere to and enforce the policies and procedures as written and as are applicable to current programs in teacher education. Candidates assume the responsibility of familiarizing themselves with these policies and procedures and abiding by the requirements as stated.